EcoWest has conducted hundreds of listed and sensitive species surveys and assessments.  A partial list of the species for which we have conducted surveys is below.  Not all species are listed so please contact us if you have other specific species survey needs.

Spectacular thelypody*
Ute ladies’-tresses*
Spalding’s catchfly*
Oregon semaphore grass*
Malheur wire lettuce
Snake River goldenweed
Malheur or Biennial prince’s plume
Douglas’s clover
Uinta Basin hookless cactus
Clustered lady’s slipper
White margined knotweed
Numerous sensitive penstemons
Numerous sensitive grape-ferns
Numerous sensitive sedges, rushes, spikerushes and other wetland plants

Spotted frog (various DPS)
Blue Mountains cryptochian caddisfly
Western ridged mussel

Bull trout*
Inland Redband trout*

American white pelican (migration)
Western snowy plover 
Burrowing owl (nesting)
Grasshopper sparrow (breeding)
Long billed curlew (breeding, migration)
Sage grouse and sage grouse leks
Bald and golden eagles and other sensitive raptors
Willow flycatcher
Pygmy rabbit
Washington ground squirrel

*Also developed management plans and/or conducted detailed ecological monitoring.

Listed and Sensitive Species Surveys

Ute ladies tresses 
(Spiranthes diluvialis).
Nesting Burrowing Owl on Wind Facility Site.
Headwater stream surveyed for Mt Cryptochia.
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