EcoWest offers a range of ecological services from initial baseline surveys, through analysis, permitting, construction, and habitat restoration.  

Wetland and Other Natural Resource Assessments
Wetland Delineation and Functional Assessment byProfessional Wetland Scientists
Aquatic/Riparian Habitat Mapping 
Vegetation Characterization and Mapping, Weed Surveys 
Wildlife Surveys, Habitat Mapping/Quality Assessment
Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive Species Surveys (plants, wildlife)
Targeted Non-Vascular Plant and Invertebrate Surveys

Resource Analyses (vegetation, wildlife, aquatics, TES species, soils, hydrology, water quality) 
Impact Analysis for NEPA and other Permit Documents
Development of Riparian Flow Requirements 
Analysis of Hydrologic Changes on Wetlands/Riparian 
Wetland and Riparian Water Budgets, Streamflow Analyses 
Reservoir Management Effects on Natural Resources

Restoration, Mitigation, and Monitoring
Wetland/Riparian Restoration Feasibility Analysis, Design 
​▸Construction Oversight
Sagebrush, Grassland and Other Upland Habitat Restoration
Mitigation Monitoring
Watershed Management Plans
Weed Management Plans
Listed and Sensitive Species Monitoring, Habitat Management Plans

Environmental Compliance
Alternatives Analysis, Fatal Flaw Analysis
404 and State Wetland and Streambed Alteration Permitting
Other Clean Water Act compliance (401, Construction Stormwater Permits)
ESA compliance, Biological Assessments
NEPA compliance (EIS, EA, Categorical Exclusion)
State Energy Facility Siting (e.g., EFSEC, EFSC), Hydropower Licensing (FERC)

ECOWEST is also often called upon to provide Expert Review and/or Testimony. We review environmental impact statements both prior to publication for areas that could be contestable in court, and for adequacy following their filing. We also are experienced in litigation issues associated with Clean Water Act 404 violations.


EcoWest Consulting, Inc.
Cost-Effective, Ecologically Based Environmental Solutions 
Listed and Sensitive Species Survey Experience