EcoWest Consulting, Inc.
Cost-Effective, Ecologically-Based Environmental Solutions  
​Our combined technical background and policy expertise allow us to provide a broad spectrum of services for alternative energy, water resource, other development, and transportation projects. We have permitted hundreds of projects ranging from hydroelectric projects and transmission lines, to building or re-operating reservoirs, to road expansion and ski area development. We have also worked directly for natural resource management agencies collecting ecological data and developing species and habitat management plans, and have designed plans for, provided implementation oversight, and/or monitored 1,000s of acres of habitat restoration and revegetation projects. 

We work for utilities, industries, developers, local, state and federal agencies, Indian Tribes, attorneys, and engineering firms. No matter what the project size, scale or type, EcoWest brings the same level of technical excellence to each and every project.

A few representative projects are described in the links below that illustrate our ability to work across of number of sectors and provide services at any project stage from feasibility analyses and baseline surveys to permitting, construction or monitoring.

▸ Alternative Energy Development

▸ Water Resources/Agricultural Development

▸ Commercial/Other Development 

▸ Natural Resource Management/Climate Change

▸         Habitat Restoration and Revegetation

The projects listed represent a small sample of our work. Please contact us for additional specific project experience and further details on how our experience can help you on your project.